Nest Cam makes it to Australia

Nest’s easy to use yet powerful home monitoring cameras have arrived in Australia, the big question on everyone’s lips; are they worth the wait? A home security camera (wired), the Nest Cam retails for $319.95, however the operation of the camera isn’t as straighforward as you might have been led to believe. Yes, it is…

Electrician Rewiring

Signs You Need Rewiring

It’s a sad fact that everything ages (unless you’re talking about wine, in which case aging is good…). Aging electrical components don’t just look a bit silly in skinny jeans, they can be dangerous. If your wiring is getting on a bit, then you’ll need to have it inspected regularly and eventually replaced. You can…

Avoid Electrical Hazards

How to Avoid Electrical Hazards

Electrical faults can lead to one of the biggest hazards we know – fire. If there’s a fault in one circuit or installation, it can affect other circuits too and if a fire starts it can spread very quickly, putting property – and lives – at risk. You should always use fully qualified and licensed…